UDMN issues Pan-Canadian Call for Proposals

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UDMN issues Pan-Canadian Call for Proposals

Press Release

Sudbury, ON (October 27, 2014) – Canada’s Ultra-Deep Mining Network (UDMN) is pleased to announce a Pan-Canadian – Call for Proposals for its Think Deep Program.

This $46 million business-driven network, managed by the Centre for Excellence in Mining Innovation (CEMI) aims to become the leading expert in ultra-deep (below 2.5km) research and innovation and to solve the challenges that impact resource extraction in these environments. Recognizing the importance of deep mining, earlier this year, the federal government’s Business‐led Networks of Centres of Excellence (BL‐NCE) program awarded $15 million to Ultra-Deep Mining Network.

This program aims to support solution-providers capable of creating the industry-needed tools and technologies that will help ultra-deep mines (below 2.5kms) to operate more effectively and safely, generate more value, improve the human environment and enhance mine productivity in the short term.

Working to amplify and expedite commercial value and enhance ultra-deep mining innovations in Canada and beyond, this program is intended to help the mining industry accelerate research and development, increase investment in R&D and/or deploy proven innovative and advanced technologies. This program is not intended to support fundamental research, but rather apply new forward-looking technologies to mining at depth.

This program also seeks solution-providers to collaborate with industry (private organizations), Canadian academia, research institutions to implement solutions for ultra-deep mining. Successful applicants will have a project that is industry-supported, addressing a specific industry challenge to advance development in ultra-deep mining environments.

“We are excited to grow our portfolio of projects under the Think Deep Program and welcome new network members”, says Bora Ugurgel, UDMN’s Managing Director. “This program provides us with an opportunity to connect with new partners across Canada that can provide innovative solutions to solve ultra-deep mining challenges.”

The UDMN and its Think Deep Program are guided by four strategic themes:

1. Rock Stress Risk Reduction: improve the control of stability in deep underground excavations
2. Energy reduction & optimization: the 40% Mine; improve the energy consumption profile and cooling of deep mines
3. Novel methods of material transport and productivity: increase the rates of development and production in mines
4. Improved human health: use a human-centered approach to improve environment in deep mines

Only projects with a well defined near term application deemed to optimally impact the ultra-deep mining field will be supported by this program.

Applicants to the Think Deep Program fall under two streams: Open Call or Current Network Member. It is recommended that applicants visit www.miningdeep.ca for additional information on both streams and detailed application instructions.

Open Call applicants are required to submit a Letter of Intent by November 10, 2014.

About the UDMN:

The UDMN is a business-driven network, managed through the Centre for Excellence in Mining Innovation (CEMI), and supported by members of the mining and oil & gas industries, and with the active participation of small-to-medium sized enterprises, industry agencies, research facilities and academia. The goal of the UDMN is to help the mining industry develop and adopt commercially viable research and development projects that result in the deployment of proven innovative technologies.

Contact for Call for Proposals:

Diane Lepage
UDMN Administrative Coordinator
705-673-6568 x 0

Contact for Media Relations:

Shannon Katary
Director of Marketing and Community Relations
705-673-6568 x 71


Press Release (PDF)