Press Release: Maestro introduces Plexus PowerNet™ the world’s first powered coaxial Gigabit network

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Press Release: Maestro introduces Plexus PowerNet™ the world’s first powered coaxial Gigabit network

Maestro introduces Plexus PowerNet™ the world’s first powered coaxial Gigabit network

Sudbury, Canada (Thursday May 10th, 2017) – The digital mine of the future requires a reliable gigabit network. Maestro’s Plexus PowerNet™ is the world’s first coaxial gigabit network that can be installed and maintained by any internal tradesperson, eliminating the need for costly outside fiber optic contractors and tools. The CISCO compatible open network will allow the use of any WAP or IP based device in either greenfield or brownfield sites.

Michael Gribbons, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Maestro said “the new technology will assist mines increase production by using autonomous equipment, remote drills, remote rock breakers, asset tracking, voice and video streaming. By using the Plexus PowerNet™, 40- 60% CAPEX savings can be realized since both power and gigabit data are transmitted on a single inexpensive cable.”

The Plexus PowerNet™ will be unveiled and showcased at the Grand Opening of their new production facility on Magill Street in Lively on May 18th, 2017. The company will also highlight the world premiere of the Plexus PowerNet™ by updating the branding to Maestro Digital Mine with a ribbon cutting ceremony by Mayor Bigger.

Ultra Deep Mining Network (UDMN), Theme Director, Pat Dubreuil, remarks that, “Founders David Ballantyne and Michael Gribbons, engineers by trade, have demonstrated they possess the aptitude and foresight necessary for identifying industry specific requirements and finding effective solutions to meet client needs. Their insight has generated instant recognition and respect from industry, with the adoption of the Vigilante AQS™ Air Quality System. UDMN is proud to have helped in the facilitation and commercialization of this new and exciting product by Maestro.”

Maestro now supplies and services over 75 underground mines globally. All of these products are designed and built in Canada.

Maestro Mine Ventilation

Maestro Digital Mine serves the underground mine communication, automation and ventilation sector. Our products deliver productivity improvements and energy savings while meeting the highest health and safety standards.

We are driven to provide automation solutions to improve the underground work environment and extend miners’ lives while still providing the mining companies a solution to increase production, conserve energy and reduce greenhouse gases.

Maestro benefits people responsible for information technology, mine ventilation, management and automation who are concerned with productivity, worker health & safety and energy savings.

Our vision is to become a key enabler of the modern digital mine by providing advanced network communication, automation and instrumentation for measurement and control.

For more information, please contact:

Michael Gribbons – Vice President Sales & Marketing (705) 805-6918 ext. 203

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