Environmental Air Quality Stations for Deep Mining

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Maestro Mine Ventilation


Status: Complete


To manufacturer gas sensors that can be calibrated on surface with zero and span reference gases and then brought to depth without the requirement to re-calibrate at depth.


Past use of sensors in underground mines has been unreliable due to the difficulty maintaining and calibrating the sensors.  As a result, many mines give up or ignore the sensors due to lack of confidence in the readings.

Both electrochemical and infra-red sensors are used to measure gas concentration in today’s gas monitors. Both sensor types are influenced by pressure and temperature changes. Both temperature and humidity also has a negative influence on the sensor life.


The bulk of the hardware has already been developed and tested. This project will complete testing in an environmental chamber, followed by software and possible hardware modifications along with testing at depth before fully launching a technical solution.


a. Reliable gas sensor calibration

b. Ease of calibration on surface

c. Reliability of gas sensors

Increase in the amount and use of these sensors in underground mines.