Press Release: UDMN member reaches commercial success – Mira Geoscience – 4D Real Time Geotechnical Hazard Assessment and Reporting for Ultra Deep Mining

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Press Release: UDMN member reaches commercial success – Mira Geoscience – 4D Real Time Geotechnical Hazard Assessment and Reporting for Ultra Deep Mining

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UDMN member reaches commercial success – Mira Geoscience – 4D Real Time Geotechnical Hazard Assessment and Reporting for Ultra Deep Mining

Sudbury, ON (December 12, 2017) – The Ultra Deep Mining Network (UDMN) held its third annual Symposium for its 76 network members from across Canada and announced another UDMN commercial success by one of its members, Mira Geoscience. Mira Geoscience was presented with UDMN’s Outstanding Achievement in Commercialization award for a technical innovation and commercial sale that is quickly becoming the industry’s most comprehensive and advanced geotechnical data management and hazard computation system; automated from import to report. Mira Geoscience’s commercial successes within UDMN continue to bring technology faster to market which in turn benefits the mining industry and Canadians.

The focus of the $35 million Ultra-Deep Mining Network (UDMN) is to help solve the challenge of mining in ultra-deep environments. As a national business-led Network of Centres of Excellence (BL-NCE), the UDMN, a CEMI – Centre for Excellence in Mining Innovation hosted program is working with some of the deepest mines in Canada to help the mining industry develop and adopt innovative technologies that are commercially viable. UDMN is the leading expert in Ultra-Deep mining (below 2.5km) by supporting solution providers capable of creating the industry-needed tools and technologies that can be used by mining companies. The success of Mira Geoscience is just one example of how the UDMN – network is accelerating commercially viable technologies to the mining industry.

As mines become deeper and as geotechnical problems become more acute, the need for a system to support, record, and communicate geotechnical interpretation based on a multiplicity of data streams, at a greater data flow & volume, and with real-time data access is imperative.

Geoscience INTEGRATOR, developed by Mira Geoscience, was originally conceived to accommodate the data management needs of SUMIT, a multidisciplinary, collaborative research programme involving academic institutions, mining companies, SMEs, and managed through CEMI. Through Mira Geoscience’s involvement in the follow-on “Mining Observatory Data Control Centre” (MODCC) project at SNOLAB, exploration data themes and a powerful 3D visualization and query interface were added. This technology was also selected as the system to permanently host data from Canada’s largest mineral exploration R&D project, “Footprints” led by CMIC. Geoscience INTEGRATOR is now a UDMN project that supports, tracks, and automatically reports on 4D dynamic mine models (a new feature) and associated geohazards.

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It is a true 4D multi-disciplinary geoscience data management solution, interfacing with visualization, modelling, query, and expert system applications to drive exploration and mining success. It enables the management of

multi-disciplinary time-based data (primary data that is a function of time and the time-evolution of both data and models) in a flexible and easily extensible relational data model. Standard data import, ad hoc reporting, customized standard reporting, and report scheduling are all easily controlled from a web interface.

Bora Ugurgel, Managing Director, Ultra Deep Mining Network, remarks, “Mira Geoscience’s UDMN project is a stellar example of implementing and adopting a technology in the mining industry. This market ready technology successfully closed commercial sales between $500 and $1 million in 2017. With R&D case studies in progress at Glencore’s Nickel Rim South; commercial deployment at JSC Apatit’s three underground phosphate mines in Russia for rockburst hazard assessment; commercial agreements for mid 2018 deployment for another Canadian mining company and additional pilot projects at two major Australian mining groups, Mira Geoscience is a Canadian mining innovation success story and UDMN is proud of this collaboration.”

John McGaughey, President, Mira Geoscience states, “We are immensely proud of this technology, which brings the benefits of 4D data integration and predictive analytics to the challenging field of geotechnical engineering in deep underground mines.  We look forward to its continuing global deployment and positive impact on mine safety and production, particularly addressing formidable challenges such as rockburst hazard using the multitude of data streams that are typically available but not fully used. The support and industry network provided through CEMI and UDMN, through several phases of R&D, ensured that this innovation was industry-led, and that its outcome is industry-relevant.”

About UDMN

The Ultra-Deep Mining Network (UDMN) is a national business-led NCE network, managed through CEMI – Centre for Excellence in Mining Innovation, and supported by members of the mining, oil & gas industries, and with the active participation of small-to-medium sized enterprises, industry agencies, research facilities and academia. UDMN aims to become the leading organization in Ultra-Deep (below 2.5km) research and innovation and to solve the challenges that impact resource extraction in these environments.


About Mira Geoscience

Mira Geoscience stands for technology and solutions for best geoscience-based business decisions. To us, your return on investment is at the heart of all strategies and developments we do for you. Since 1999, we have pioneered the application of advanced geological modelling, 3D-GIS technology, and 4D multi-disciplinary data management in the mining industry through the integrated “Common Earth Model”.  We supply the mining industry with practical and cost-effective multi-disciplinary 3D modelling and data management solutions for mineral exploration and geotechnical hazard assessment. Our client list includes most of the world’s major mining and mining-industry service companies, as well as many juniors. We count geological survey organizations and universities amongst our clients, providing a natural collaboration environment for technology development.



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