Call for Proposals 2014

Call for Proposals 2014

We have completed our 2014 Call for Proposals.

The national call for proposals generated 65 applications from small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs), suppliers, academia, research institutes and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) across the country. Within Canada (UDMN website), 68% of visitors were from Ontario, followed by Quebec (12%), BC (7%) and Alberta (6%). The deep mining challenges proponents were asked to address included rock stress risk reduction, energy optimization, faster advance rates and the mitigation of adverse impacts of heat stress on worker wellbeing and productivity. Proponents were encouraged to collaborate with industry and academia to deliver and ultimately commercialize deep mining tools and technologies capable of addressing deep mining challenges. Twenty-four of the 65 proponents, including 20 SMEs, three academic institutions and one OEM, were asked to move to the next stage and submit a more detailed proposal. With the 20 projects submitted as part of the original application to the federal government’s Centres of Excellence program, the UDMN has now approved a total of 28 projects.

The UDMN Think Deep Program aims to support solution providers capable of creating the industry needed tools and technologies in the short term that will help ultra-deep mines (below 2.5kms) to operate more effectively and safely, generate more value, improve the human environment and enhance mine productivity.

Working to amplify and expedite commercial value and enhance ultra deep mining innovations in Canada and beyond, this program is intended to directly help the mining industry to accelerate research and development, increase investment in R&D and/or the deployment of proven innovative and advanced technologies. This program is not intended to support fundamental research, but rather apply new forward-looking technologies to mining at depth (below 2.5kms).

This program seeks solution providers to collaborate between industry (private organizations), Canadian academia, and research institutions to implement solutions for ultra-deep mining. Successful applicants will have a project that is industry supported; addressing a specific industry challenge to advance development in ultra-deep mining environments.


There are two streams for applying to the Think Deep Program:

Open Call

Pan-Canadian open call for proposals in Ultra-Deep Mining conditions (below 2.5kms).               Apply Now

Important Dates:  

Launch date: October 27, 2014

Submission Deadline for Letter of Intent (LOI):November 10, 2014 – CLOSED

Announcement of the Selected LOIs: November 17, 2014

Submission Deadline for Initial Application: December 8, 2014 – CLOSED

Announcement of the selected Initial Applications: December 18, 2014

Submission Deadline for Full Application: January 15, 2015 – CLOSED

Announcement of the Selected Applications: March 2015

Network Members

Founding members who’s support led to the creation of UDMN.                                                   Apply Now

Important Dates:  

Launch date: November 18, 2014

Submission Deadline of Full Application: January 15, 2015 – CLOSED

Announcement for Selected Applications: March 2015


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